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Paper Tapes
Paper Tapes


100% recycling krafting tape.

Made from 100% recycled kraft tape – FSC® Certified – 100% recycled paper Aticelca 501

Recycled paper adhesive tape, with hot melt glue (solvent free glue). It has a kraft support, and can be printed using up to 8 colours, on coloured or plain background. Available in 2 versions: brown and white.

KH80 is 100% recycled kraft tape, made from FSC® Certified Kraft Paper (Certified 100% recycled paper).


A path to a more sustainable future is in the air.

Climate change stands before us as the most pressing and complex challenge our society faces. Decades worth of inaction and complacency now pose irreversible implications. Luckily, our planet’s most abundant pollutant can also be its greatest ally.

Right from the start, the business philosophy of Magis has been based on respect for the environment. The investments of recent years have concentrated on new technologies with a low environmental impact, focusing on the use of renewable energy. Our photovoltaic systems currently cover 30% of our total energy requirement.


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