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The Magis Spa has always been attentive to the well-being and full inclusion of its employees, supporting personal growth and the differences of each individual. With this Policy, drafted by the Steering Committee in collaboration with Management, Magis Spa commits to fully respecting the principles and guidelines set by UNI PdR 125:2022. This reference framework involves measuring, reporting, and evaluating data related to employees’ gender in organizations, with the aim of addressing existing gaps and incorporating the new paradigm of gender equality into the DNA of corporate entities, fostering a sustainable and lasting change over time.

By adopting and developing the guidelines of the UNI PdR 125:2022 reference framework, Magis Spa aims to create a culture of gender equality that contributes to fostering the right working atmosphere and safeguarding the well-being of its employees.

This Policy is addressed to all Magis Spa employees and its key stakeholders with the aim of spreading a cultural model that promotes gender equality, creating value not only for the organization but for society as a whole.

Magis Spa is committed to implementing a management system to promote gender equality, value diversity, and support female empowerment.

With this Policy document, Magis specifically commits to:

  1. Recognize the skills and professional growth of its employees, promoting internal mobility within the company and career advancement for all workers without any gender exclusion, based on the principles of an inclusive organization, respectful of gender equality, and meritocracy.
  2. Protect the parenting experience of its employees through concrete assistance that goes beyond what is already established by the sector’s National Collective Labor Agreement (CCNL).
  3. Safeguard the relationship between the individual and the company before, during, and after maternity/paternity.
  4. Value the diversity and potential of its employees, supporting each worker in their personal growth journey and committing to attract and hire individuals with different backgrounds and abilities.
  5. Train and raise awareness among all employees on the topics of gender equality, the valorization of differences, and the impacts these have on business.
  6. Improve the work-life balance of employees in all stages of their professional and personal lives. Magis also supports employees during and after extended periods of absence from work, avoiding any discrimination during and after leave.
  7. Prevent sexual harassment in the workplace through a gender harassment awareness program, creating awareness in individuals and guiding them in everyday behaviors.
  8. Prevent and eliminate any incidents of bullying among workers and/or between employees and management.
  9. Pursue and support female empowerment.

Magis Spa adopts a monitoring system to ensure that gender equality is managed appropriately. The company has defined key performance indicators that provide a representation of the company’s workforce.

Magis Spa guarantees the periodic update of the indicator framework.

Cerreto Guidi, June 28, 2023.


Mattia Blengini