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Innovating Adhesive Solutions

Magis is a pioneer in Italy in the protected printing of adhesive tapes using the “sandwich” technique, an innovative technology of U.S. origin, where the ink is located between the adhesive and the backing, and among the first companies in the sector to perform hot melt coating on polypropylene, a cutting-edge technology with a lower environmental impact.

Today, the Company employs over 200 employees in its two production facilities in Cerreto Guidi and Terrafino. The core business is focused on the production of: recycled PET and paper tapes; PPL tapes, used for basic logistic and industrial needs (packaging), special tapes for specific industrial purposes (for pipes and freezers), and custom-printed tapes based on customer requests (printed logos), of which the Company is the largest producer in Europe.

80% of the business is represented by the production of personalized and plane adhesive tapes, while the remaining 20% is made up of closing systems marketed through the Tigil brand.

The Research & Development team is committed to constantly experimenting with new raw materials and modifications to both product lines, with the goal of developing and patenting their own innovations. For the sourcing of raw materials, the Company relies on various suppliers in Italy and in rest of the world, and manages the entire procurement phase through its internal commercial structure.

With 10 internally developed patents, including 7 in adhesive tapes and 3 in closure systems, Magis can boast the widest and most diversified product portfolio among Italian players, encompassing all major adhesive technologies except for solvent-based ones. It is the sole supplier of side tapes destined for closure systems. Magis is also the only Italian operator capable of providing its customers with an eco-friendly adhesive tape called “ecoHIT19,” made from recycled PET and covered by a European patent, as well as 100% recycled paper named “KH80”, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and guaranteeing high quality standards.

The quality you can see

Magis stands out from the competition for the photo quality of its prints, thanks to a highly qualified graphics department and the latest production technologies using flexographic printing methods), extreme flexibility and the services offered.

Flexographic printing in up to eight colours can be performed using the “secure print” (sandwich) method: the print is protected between two layers (the plastic film and adhesive mass) thereby remaining bright and free of scratches and abrasions.

In specific cases, such as on paper support, the printing is done using the so-called “surface-printing” method, in practice by printing on the top (on the side opposite to that which will subsequently be adhesive-coated).

Magis is focused to ESG issues and well-positioned to benefit from the industry’s shift towards sustainable solutions.This includes eco-sustainable and highly performing adhesive tapes made from recycled plastic bottles (ecoHIT19), as well as adhesive tapes with 100% recycled paper support


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